So, here’s the menu with our Chef’s specials.

We try to cater to all tastes so do feel free to drop us a line is you have any questions, suggestions or just want to let us know your dietary preferences at info (staying at) All job posts are subject to editorial review before publishing, so be sure we’ll be in touch!

Forever Free


Go ahead, be free, grow!

  • < 5 Employees: 1 Month/Listing
  • > 5 Employees: 1 Week/Listing
  • Unlimited Number of Listings
  • NON-Featured Listing
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Company Essential


1 Month, 1 Listing

  • 1 Listing
  • 1 Month/Listing
  • One Time Fee
  • NON-Featured listing
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1 Week Total Exposure

  • HomepageInternetWeekly newsletter & Social media exposure
  • One Time Fee
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Allways Looking


1 General Listing, 12 Months

  • Openended Listing to Broaden Your Options
  • Constant Presence on the Website
  • One Time Fee
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