Places where your job ad needs to be seen

HIRING IS A PROCESS. Sure sometimes it will seem like you’re offering the best possible position in the world ( and you know you’re right about that one) and applicants may indeed flock to the occasion, but then sometimes you’ll just find yourself in the midst of what seem a very dry season.   It’s up to make sure your message hits the target. You can learn more about How to write a Job Ad here, while this post focus on where to put it once you’ve distilled down the requirements, the offering, the experience, and the cultural fit. Think of it as a checklist for your information dissemination.

No.1: The local specialist online groups

forums or Facebook groups are where your specialists and an occasional generalist will share, contribute and exchange a lot of information. Some of those groups have very tight membership dynamics and random job ads can be harshly rejected. However using a right approach can win you the favor of influencers and followers alike.


No.2: The major local tech site

sure it has a super wide audience with a lot of eyeballs not just looking for new challenges, but you can’t deny the reach of the techie mass communication channels. Same as other social media groups, posts on such sites and it’s hugely popular forums come with some extra work, when it comes to discussion management. And you should be ready to put in that muscle.


No.3: The local startup jobs board & friends

are an established go-to place for job seekers as well as your community peers because community job boards also serve as a pulse-meter of the actual scene, showing the state of the sector and its activity.


No.4: the local tech community newsletter

those guys usually a pretty well connected bunch and have a steady hooked audience plus some good affiliations with the media. Nothing beats a direct mailbox delivery of a tempting new challenge on a gloomy Monday, now does it 😉 ?


What goes around comes around and having a good few starting points is a must.



No.5: Don’t forget about yourself

It goes without saying that the above are an upgrade of actually publicizing you’re hiring on:

  • YOUR FACEBOOK page (some ads don’t hurt, but maybe you can outsource that to someone in the above list)

Also make sure YOUR TEAM is aware of your outreach efforts and you all repost/resend/retweet those job posts on

If you don’t contribute to the hype and your team and your external company brand does nothing to support it, then you’re….well, then you’re not hiring.

And remember, talent nowadays is as mobile as your mindset and budget are, so take a look at those major global tech sites. Oh, and do use LinkedIn – you’ll have much more control over what your ad does than just throwing it out there on a portal.






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