Our mission is to enhance the visibility of the high growth startup and new IT sector in Slovenia


We aim to stimulate the interest of local and international talent for work in fast moving, future oriented companies.

Sure, some of us are entrepreneurial to the bones and building a company from scratch sounds like a natural fit, but we can’t grow a business on one parson alone.

Some of us however feel we can add significantly by joining already existing teams and their endeavors and enriching them with our unique set of knowledge, experience and passion.

Some of us are just starting to explore this fairly new sector and need to form an opinion and need to find our ways closer to the companies represented in it.

Some of us want to learn more about the new ways of structuring and managing teams in a horizontal martix shaped startup world of micro multinationals.


We come from the community and work with the community of innovative tech companies in Slovenia


We’re in constant contact with companies to follow their changing need and distribute best practices on a community- wide level.

We strive to do things in connection with numerous community partners such as the Internet Week Slovenia community communication network.

We’ll try to show companies how to best present themselves to future team members, we’ll strive to bring diversity and illustrate the needs for talent in innovative companies as it often goes well beyond just technical skills.

We’ll try to make you laugh and we’ll make you think about the before unimaginable applications of your expertise. Sometimes we’ll even feature jobs reaching well beyond the startup sector just because we feel they add something valuable to the process of mapping out the opportunities landscape.



And this is a promise: we’ll keep on keeping on!


With you daily since August 13th 2014,

G & N with friends